Design analysis

An iconic Product always needs an authentic and historical identity. Porsche 911 may be one of the most iconic examples in the automotive industry.
Another example with an enthusiastic community due to its high performance and engineering qualities is the M3 series of BMW, on which the following design work has been done for learning, inspiring and joyful purposes.

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Historic infographic

The simple highlight drawing shows how the volume and graphic proportions of the cars evolved. This practice made it possible to estimate how the next model should look like. (This illustration has been drawn during 2012, one year before the F32 was released in October 2013.)
The valley background of the Illustration is the output of a timeline containing technical specifications of each model and the barrel oil price.

Rim hommage

After understanding the history, it gets logic to design a wheel concept with the spirit, of how the next generation should look like.
This design has an arabesk inspired lines flow, where the lines cross on different layers. The challenge was to 3D Modell with a class-A quality, making the lineal surfaces flow dynamically, without making an S curve.

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